As part of the tours, parents and children are invited to meet the school's senior leadership team, learn about the curriculum and structure of the school as well as its vision and, of course, its philosophy – with these elements providing the basis for all pupil's learning and education.

“We have a progressive, creative and engaging school with enriching programmes, state of the art technology, where every child and community member feel secure, significant and valued,” said Principal Lamb

“We draw and build on strong family ties, Islamic values and deep-rooted heritage to build a vibrant and well-knit international community. DHA is focussed on developing knowledgeable and innovative students and staff who can undertake the challenges of whatever the future holds,” she added.

Parent of a Year 7 student, Jo Murray, said: "We did a lot of research when it came to choosing the right school for our son when we were moving to Dubai. As a family, we have to say the school goes above and beyond for every child. The teachers, facilities and academics are amazing. We are delighted we chose this school.”

To book your tour, call DHA on 04 356 3333 or email the registrar at You can also visit the website to learn more about the fees, staff, partnerships and daily life at DHA plus do a virtual walk through of the school and facilities on offer.